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PWR Pack design their own pick and place robotic systems for the food industry. Every aspect of our systems is controlled “in house” ensuring the highest standards in the systems we deliver.

At the heart of our systems is our specially developed PDS distribution software. The specially developed software means that we pick your products “in flow” which is the natural way to design production flow. Our PDS software allows us to run at exceptionally high speeds, never experienced before in pick and place robotics.

Our highly experienced team of concept engineers, as well as our software and mechanical engineers work with you to ensure we deliver a solution tailored to your individual pick and place needs. Our focus is on high operational efficiency coupled with the lowest cost of ownership to deliver a truly exceptional price to value proposition.


We design & build our own robots which are specifically suited for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our robots have been in production since 2003 and over 2000 robots are in use worldwide in the most demanding environments. Our unique design ensures many years of trouble free production resulting in a very low cost of ownership.

Gripper Design

Our custom gripper designs ensure gentle picking and placing of products at high speeds ensuring high production efficiency. The gripper designs are as varied as the products themselves. Vacuum or mechanical-pneumatic and highly sensitive gripping systems can take hold of and position even the most sensitive products without damage to your products.


Our innovative Vision Control systems detect the position and contour of the passing products with the utmost precision and detail. Automatic quality control is also possible by means of optional 3-D product measurement, colour differentiation and other methods of determining defects in real time for the reliable rejection of defective products.

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