About Us

PWR Pack Ltd was established in January 2010 to provide automated production and packaging solutions for the food industry.
We supply innovative Pick and Place robotic systems which are specifically designed for your application. PWR Pack International, based in The Netherlands, are the leading supplier of pick and place robotic systems for loading individual products into your packaging machine or finished packs into shipping containers. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to design and build the perfect solution for your business.
We supply a full range of Carsoe tray denesting solutions from stand alone denesters to full line solutions. We represent Europe’s leading camera based vision systems used in production lines for Packaging Inspection, Label Control and Seal Control.
We also supply a full range of Volumetric, Piston and Vacuum Fillers from two of the leading German manufacturers that are capable of handling all types of food products and dispensing them damage free with very accurate weight control.
Specialised Multi Head Weighing systems for accurate and fast portion control for food products is also a speciality.
We represent a select few of the leading European manufacturers of Food Processing and Packing equipment and we aim to bring you unique solutions for your production requirements backed up with first class customer service.

Our focus is on delivering systems with as high as possible overall equipment efficiency. We deliver high speed, reliable solutions that will pick and place your products and ensure you can maintain high efficiency and output 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years to come.

Our unique robot design is lightweight and robust and ready for the most demanding applications.

When running delicate products at high speed, precision in every pick is vital. Our unique robot design and PDS software gives you the best possible combination for the highest speeds and highest production efficiencies. We specialise in the following areas.

  • Picking individual products for placing into packaging machines.
  • Picking primary bags for placing into secondary packaging.
  • Picking finished packs and placing them into shipping containers.